Compact Edition

The NET Bible is a completely new translation with tens of thousands of notes! Completed by more than 25 scholars working directly from the best available Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek texts this translation is the most accessible ever due to the unparalleled detailing in the notes and up-to-date language.

To read this translation along with all the notes go to where it was the first translation to be made available free online. You can read more about the NET Bible translation process, see sample pages and view the state of the art maps on Or check out the short video about the development of the NET Bible.

"There are many wonderful things I could say about the NET Bible, but the most important is this: the NET Bible is a Bible you can trust. The translation is clear, accurate, and powerful. And the notes, those wonderful notes! They bring to the layman scholarly insights and discussions that have up till now been accessible only to those trained in the biblical languages. If you are serious about studying Scripture, get a copy of the NET Bible." -- Chuck Swindoll (read more endorsements)

Compact Edition Features:
  • 8 point font
  • Limited translators' notes (about 7,000)
  • Black and white satellite maps of the Holy Lands
  • Glossary of terms and concordance
  • Memory verses and verses on prayer
  • Go here for more details.
Print Bible features:
  • Premium Bonded Leather
  • Premium Bible paper
  • Premium Smyth sewn binding
  • Gold gilded edges (not included on brown cross or paperbacks)
Bible Specifications
  • Width - 4 15/16"
  • Length - 7 1/4"
  • Thickness - 1 1/8"

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Compact Bible - Amazona Black
This Premium Amazona Leather Edition features a snap to keep the page edges pristine while you enjoy the alligator design and soft bonded feel.